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These dogs are available at Stud with conditons.  

We have these conditions to protect our precious breed, we believe in what we do, and have restrictions for this reason.  These conditions are guide line, as they are what we expect from ourselves, and every responsible breeder.


1. We must approve of the bitch, her temperament, heath checks and conformation.

2. The Breeder must only breed when they wish to keep something to add to their breeding program, not for the puppy market or so others can breed,  anyone who breeds litters and sells all the puppies with no intention of keeping something from any litters they breed will probably not be approved. 

3. The Breeder must show or work their dogs regularly.

4. Must not have more than a couple of different breeds as this breed should be their passion as it is with us.

5. Must put the majority of puppies on limited register. Main register puppy owners must be exeptional and must be a serious show home or working home, they must not be sold to breeders who breed litters just to sell puppies.

​6. Must be seen not to do repeat matings more than once (as no benifit to the breed), or to breed any bitch more than 3 times, if this has happened at any stage, we will not approve our dogs being used.

7. Stud fee will be paid up front as soon as mating or AI has taken place, if unsuccessful you will be entitled to another mating at the bitches next season, no refund is given if unsuccessful unless dog is proved infertile.

8. We can refuse anyone for any reason, as they are our dogs, and it is our right to do so.





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